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“She was completely against me being a cam girl,” Richards says.“We got into actual fights about it.”rn star, so I wanted to give her something that would make nobody want her and that would make her not want to do that anymore,” Daniels tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“At first I was thinking after the show I’m just gonna get it removed or cover it and it will be fine.

But then I was watching videos of tattoo removal and it looked like it would hurt.

That’s why I want to get it finished because, why not? “After being on this show, I think I genuinely want to go into doing reality TV,” she shares.

“Being a cam girl is not my number one goal anymore.” She’s about to take a job dancing at a club in Chicago where she said MTV filmed a reality show about strippers.

And I wouldn’t get it covered up because the pain I went through for this tattoo, it was so bad, it was the worst pain ever,” she says. “When I saw her reaction to it, I felt bad because she started to cry and said it would make her insecure.

“And then I was just like, eh, I kind of like it.”Tiffany Perez, a tattoo artist on the show who did Richards’s tattoo, is surprised they are both keeping their tattoos. “When she reached out and I saw her email, I was like, ‘Oh, God.’ I was a little nervous when I saw the message, but then I clicked it and I read it, I was like, she likes it! But I guess she just learned to accept it and love it and that’s why she wants to finish it.”Perez didn’t do Daniels’s tattoo, but she thought that was one of the worst tattoos of the season, saying, “That was horrible.” When Perez was informed that Daniels plans to keep it, she couldn’t believe it: “No way! ”Richards isn’t going to let this tattoo stop her from achieving her goals.

In bright red block letters.“I was so mad on the show,” Daniels says.

“I was really upset because it happened one time,” she insists, “and she put it on me forever.” Daniels says MTV didn’t show how mad she actually was.

“I was nervous about what [Richards] was gonna put on me, but I think I was more nervous about being on TV,” she says.

“I love having random stuff on me.”Like Richards, Daniels doesn’t consider tattoos to be that big of a deal.

It’s a high I guess.”Richards wanted her friend to learn to be more open and comfortable in her skin.

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