Bdd 2016 updating deploy point zti

One way which we can streamline the process is to use a consolidated task sequence which handles all of our various operating systems, languages, drivers and applications in a single task sequence with intelligence.

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With Configuration Manager, we have a great amount of power and control over how we deploy computers using Task Sequences.

Many people go to great lengths to make their operating system deployment experience a great one be it for end-users with User Driven Installation or for their support technicians driving the builds instead.

Once complete, if you are using PXE to boot your clients you need to do nothing more and you can start enjoying your automatically starting task sequence.

If you are using USB or ISO Boot Media to start your task sequence process, you will need to update your image as the Boot Image that the media is based on has been updated.

To start, we need to know the Deployment ID for the Task Sequence. The Deployment ID is the unique ID assigned to a single instance of the task sequence deployed to a collection.

We can get the Deployment ID for the Task Sequence by navigating to the Software Library portion of the Configuration Manager Administration Console and then expanding Operating Systems followed by Task Sequences and then locate your sequence from any folder structure you may have created.

Unless you’re creating offline media with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) for your operating system deployment (OSD), you’ll probably run into network issues at some point because the clients you deploy have to access the MDT deployment share.

This typically results in the error, “A connection to the deployment share (\mdt\Deployment Share) could not be made,” along with something more specific to help in tracking down the error.

Luckily, we have a solution to this and a way to allow us to skip the Task Sequence Selection wizard and automatically enter our one task sequence to rule them all and it is done using Prestart Commands on our Boot Images in Configuration Manager.

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