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Complete the weekly storyline and unlock the Karbin 1938M - an Assault class semi-auto rifle.

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BF community - I know you are frustrated and disappointed with the experience across Chapter 4 for Battlefield V. We're taking a step back to improve the quality of BFV, and as a result, making needed changes to our roadmap. Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Week #10 - Axis Offensive starts on Thursday, August 29th.

Complete the nodes and grab the "Winterkrieg" Epic headgear.

These maps are part of our next update 🙌 We’ll also have select folks live from gamescom so you can interact live and ask questions 👀 Ew QJTws7 This week's Chapter 4: Defying the Odds storyline "Time-Honored Combat" is live.

Featuring the "Bombastic Fantastic" playlist with big maps, big modes, and lots of vehicles, completing the storyline will unlock the Panzer 38t "Fall Grün" skin.

com/59417 LW5ZL7ot Starting tomorrow, Aug 1, Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Week 6 Challenge "Highs and Lows" focuses on the new Marita map.

Complete the nodes for Chapter 4 XP and to acquire the Arditi Dagger. EA Access now available on @Play Station ➡️ Play Battlefield V including all updates since launch ➡️ 10% off all EA digital purchases ➡️ Access to a huge catalogue of games!

Details and overview here: com/59152 DTA7Iec One extra change that's in the process of rolling out now - we're making it so that you'll play both Attack and Defence before switching to a new map. Starting tomorrow, Rush is back in #Battlefield for the next weeks worth of Tides of War.

It'll take a few hours for servers to adopt this behaviour but that's going live at the top of the hour. The wonderful @Kenturrac has made some changes based on your feedback so check out a new Community Broadcast that dives into that. B7CR #Battlefield V Chapter 4 Week 3 starts on July 11th.

Play now: W #Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Week 5 starts July 25th.

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