suicidal dating - Battery icon not updating android

There's nothing stopping Samsung from exposing some sort of API to allow developers to hook into Samsung's home screen and notify it about this sort of thing.

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I wanna create an Android application, and I want to dynamically and automatically update the app icon similarly to how the calendar icon updates on a user's homescreen. For example, Samsung can ship a Samsung calendar app on Samsung devices.

However: , the app disables the old launcher alias and enables a different one, in hopes that home screens will pick up on this and show the new icon. Others only would find out about the change on a reboot.

To flip the problem around, I can write a home screen.

That will happen both when the Clock is placed as a shortcut on the homescreen and when it's inside the app drawer.

Resources res = Package Manager() Resources For Application(""); int res Id = Identifier("logo_calendar_01_regular", "drawable" , ""); Drawable icon = Drawable(res Id); This would access the calendar icon for Day 1 of the month.

(BTW, I am citing Samsung here as a possible example -- I don't know that they actually have this sort of feature, and if so on which devices they have it) I seem to recall that somebody has a Git Hub project that tries to wrap the proprietary APIs of various home screens.

IIRC, some supported capabilities included either replacing the app icon or adding a badge (e.g., unread message count).

One little I did notice was the Battery Wear, which was ‘14%’ is now showing ‘0.0%’ after doing this little practice above where I kept it for overnight, much more on this in Point 4.

3- Calibrating your Asus T100TA battery: - Well this ‘IS’ required if you have frequent issues with your battery using your Asus T100TA like I did and after multiple battery issues, I had to do this as well which helped me fixing the above issues in the first place.

For instance it might be the planetary app that reflects planets' positions on the icon. I just get the activities' icons by the standard way provided by Android API.

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