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One likely explanation is that insiders believed the probability of getting caught was low enough to justify the risk.We also find that the firm’s foregone tax benefits from suspect exercises are of similar magnitude to the taxes saved by the CEO.Learn More Competency Domains for Clinical Research Professionals Partners in Workforce Advancement Workforce Innovation Steering Committee Sites, especially smaller and newer ones, don’t like to challenge sponsors during a clinical trial, and that’s understandable, says Melissa Holbrook MSN, NP, vice president for operations with Velocity Clinical Research.

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Together with the remainder of this study, our analysis provides additional evidence on the magnitude and determinants of opportunistic behavior associated with executive stock options.

We are leading innovation in the clinical research workforce by setting standards for professional competence, and building and validating competence.

There is still a raft of unresolved options backdating cases out there, but at least one of the remaining options backdating related securities class action lawsuits has now been settled.

On June 9, 2009, Marvell Technology announced (here) that it has reached an agreement to settle the case for a payment to the class of million.This post comes from Shane Heitzman at the University of Rochester Simon Graduate School of Business, Dan Dhaliwal at the University of Arizona and Merle Erickson at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business., we investigate the opportunistic timing of stock option exercises by insiders.Consistent with the prediction that backdating an exercise-and-hold transaction is driven by personal tax considerations, we find that the likelihood of a suspect exercise is increasing in the potential taxes saved by the option holder from exercising on the day of the month with the lowest closing price before SOX, but not after SOX.Finally, suspect exercises are more likely in small firms.Nine have been dismissed and eighteen have been settled. A complete list of the options backdating lawsuits can be found here.

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