Back dating stock

You'd think they'd be up to their eyeballs in rope.I count no fewer than 38 top executives at 19 high-tech companies that have bit the dust over this stuff.

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Heinen allegedly covered up the back-dating, which caused Apple's earnings to be inflated.

This apparently violates a whole bunch of SEC rules.

The reason CEOs and boards hid the activity was the second part of the controversy.

Investors and workers became angry over well—if not lavishly—paid executives receiving extra consideration without delivering any more value.

But the charge bears the echoes of the stock options backdating scandal that started before the global economic collapse and extended beyond, making executives wealthier at the expense of shareholders.

Options backdating was a common way for corporate boards to pass more compensation onto managers and directors.After more of than a year of one corporate scandal after another—faked emissions tests, claimed improper payments, executive financial misconduct, and even arrests—Nissan may face yet another problem.CEO Hiroto Saikawa reportedly received a bump to a stock-based bonus when the company’s board rescheduled by a week the date it the shares were priced.“We don’t get ours but you get yours,” Ferracone phrased it.“I think it does go to the corporate culture,” said Michael Klenov, an attorney with plaintiff law firm Korein Tillery.Nissan did not respond to requests from for a comment.

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