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My Itchy Travel Feet is inspiring boomers to go with the latest travel advice, destination information and active travel ideas. As the understanding of the human mind evolves, the brain fitness trend grows.

People understand that just having a healthy body is not enough and one must exercise the brain as well…

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The blog was created by Donna & Alan Hull, a couple of retired boomers who really know all about the needs and interests revolving the boomer travel.

The articles and photographs are focusing solely on boomer travel: where to go, what to do and how to do it.

It combines the best of cutting edge “web 2.0″ technologies with subjects that matter to the baby boomer including health, finance, travel, relationships, lifestyle, arts, entertainment and spirituality.

Second Act is an online destination uniquely tailored to the needs and interests of readers over age 40.

These concerns can make them forget that what they should really do is enjoy their long awaited retirement with their other retired baby boomer friends…

We all realize that the internet is a powerful tool that can make our life easier, the problem most baby boomers faces is that they get overwhelmed by the quantity of the online services and not always find the exact service that will best fit their needs. The site’s team curated all of the top sites in almost every category, creating an easy to navigate homepage that can be the home-base for your online browsing.

Last but not least, it will give you tips so that you can enjoy the good life.

Find ideas, opportunities, and inspiration to reinvent yourself at any age.

Its an internet destination BY and FOR smart, stylish, accomplished women over fifty, created with a national alliance of their favorite shops.

Enjoy incredible content including street style, makeovers, style features, interviews, and health coverage.

Brain HQ from Posit Science is one of the best brain training sites out there, Built by a team of top neuroscientists, with exercises proven in dozens of published studies to make real and lasting improvements in brain functions like memory and attention.

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