Avoidant personality disorder dating site

Intimate relationships require balancing closeness and distance, interdependence and autonomy.

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The closer you start to feel to them or the more you desire a deeper commitment, the more they may pull back, expressing a wish to see other people or becoming less communicative.

4) Buzz words Avoidant partners tend to talk more about independence rather than closeness, freedom rather than intimacy, and self-reliance rather than interdependence.

They may say it is much easier to be alone, as they can make their own decisions and answer to no one.

16) Abandoning When you most need them, avoidant partners may find ways not to be there.

They fear “clingy” people or being seen as clingy themselves.

5) Philosophy Avoidant or unavailable partners tend to believe they can only depend on themselves.

12) Picky Avoidant partners may be quick to find fault with you.

They may have a checklist of near-impossible standards in a partner, ensuring that no one can measure up.

They may view you in negative ways or see your actions in the worst possible light, suspecting that you are out to take advantage of them or restrict their freedom.

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