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Wan returned to his family's tree house, bringing Jaya and Yao what little food he had managed to salvage in his tunic.

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Although the lead hunter was skeptical at first to let Wan join, Wan was allowed to accompany them since there were no other willing volunteers.

As such, the young man traveled with the hunters to face the fire lion turtle, the guardian of their city, to receive the power of firebending, which enabled them to defend themselves against the hostile spirits living in the Spirit Wilds.

As he tried to sink his teeth in what he thought was a fruit, the fruit turned out to be a swarm of bees hurdled together that promptly attacked Wan for his disturbance.

Wan's desperate attempt to get away from the angered insects led him to fall off a cliff.

Afraid to lower his guard in the hostile environment, he remained awake the entire night.

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