c backgroundworker progress bar not updating - Autocad xref layer color not updating

Note: You can annotate wherever you like (sheet or model) but utilizing annotative text, dimensions, and multileaders through the viewport will provide more control.For the past couple weeks The CAD Geek Blog has been rather quiet.Most of the time, if the layer state was made correctly in the Model File but applied incorrectly in the sheet file, nothing will happen.

This layout doesn’t have to have a title block or anything special in it.

The viewports in here will be used to create the layer states that will be used in the Sheet File and that is all.

By Jordan Mussett, IMAGINi T Building Solutions If you are not using layer states, you are missing out on the ease of managing your layers in a more global sense.

Additionally, layer states can be set up in the files that you are xreffing in to provide more consistency with less work.

It is in the best interest of the drafter to create the layer states here in the Model file because there will be fewer of them and they will be more easily updated.

If layer states are created in the Model Tab, that is fine but you will not be able to apply multiple layer states to viewports without continuously globally rearranging your layer states.

My mothers home is among those on the Richmond Tacky Light Tour.

Getting Christmas off to a somewhat comical start was me attempting to calculate and balance the electrical load for her light display.

Xrefs are ideal for times when you need to reference another drawing but don’t want the relationship to be permanent.

They are also ideal for situations in which multiple people work on a drawing.

They will probably be a little messy, that’s ok too.

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