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This paper presents an asynchronously updating cellular automaton that conducts computation without relying on a simulated global synchronization mechanism.

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You can select the probability by changing the value for the "Initial Option" in the Lattice-dialog to a number between 0 and 100, the probability in percent.

We analyze the properties of synchronous and various asynchronous methods to iterate cellular automata.

Try the different updating methods using this applet: set a new number in the "Lattice option" field of the Lattice dialog to change the updating method.

For comparison, try a modified CA, which is fully synchronous, but where each cell is only updated with a certain probability.

Asynchronous programming is an approach to writing computer programs so that events happen outside of the main program flow, in the same overlapping time frame.

These types of programs are called "non-blocking," because the program can continue without being "blocked" by waiting for events like user input or network activity.

We implement three primitive operators on the cellular automaton from which any arbitrary delay insensitive circuit can be constructed, and show how to connect the operators such that collisions of crossing signals are avoided.

Cellular automata, as with other multi-agent system models, usually treat time as discrete and state updates as occurring synchronously.

This general paradigm of computing is called asynchrony.

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