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Yet I've seen so many Dead Gigabyte Motherboards it isn't funny.

I will give ASUS my respect for the Durable products they make! I've bought a laptop, it is working well after many years, however the touchpad needs to be replaced.

The phone came out of the box with a wrong operating system. It goes to show the professionalism of the company. I didn't find replacement for this model exactly, and the ASUS support didn't even bother to respond to my question whether another model's is compatible with my laptop.

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I had a great experience with their repair center and can definitely recommend this brand to my family and friends. So ASUS has definitely earned this 5 star review in my book.

Thank you ASUS for fixing my laptop and your customer service was excellent as well. Have many Clients with ASUS motherboards still alive since 2004.

Still very expensive laptop but good value compared to the rest. So I promised myself that if my repair goes smoothly that I would write a review for the ASUS repair center, because I see a lot of really bad reviews for this company here and they deserve better.

Definitely bought the right laptop for what I want.

I cannot work currently and have asked for my tablet to be returned immediately unrepaired as I will get it sorted locally as the loss of work far outweighs replacing the battery but I cannot even get the product returned or even a response. For single issue I had submitted thrice at Service center Vide RMA No: **, **, **.

Was very happy with the product but the service is absolutely terrible. Useless product with stupid response from Asus authorized service center. Imagine the quality of product & service Asus provides to its customers and the trust they deserve from us... Tech support put me thru about 2 hrs of different things trying to get it to accept a second screen. Once the verification process was complete, they sent me the shipping label, an RMA number, and told me how they wanted me to send it to their repair center.I didn't have to pay for shipping, I just had to package the laptop myself and bring it to a Fed Ex shipping place, I found one very easily.And the turnaround time was decent as well, it took less than a month, about 3 weeks.This shows me that ASUS stands by their products and will fix the issue if need be.Keep in mind, the clock is ticking on my warranty, I have about 12 days of coverage left at this point.

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