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("Pending" is the text; there is also a value assigned to its List Item.) Now you need to disable it. See this article for the section "Enabling validators" that shows you how to do this with server side code: Replace your validators with some that can intelligently handle this case. All 25 validators in my Professional Validation And More have a property called Enabler where you specify the rule that turns it on. A final way is to write your own validator with a Custom Validator.

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Model: You could also store other properties on the option model if needed.

Alternatively, you could use a key-value-pair or dictionary instead of the option model to avoid creating a class, which would be faster but less clear.

Side note: You claim your using a view model, but in fact your not. A view model contains only properties relevant to your view and should never contain method that access your database.

I am working on certain task and i put dropdownlist from modelview and i put validation on it ,like user must select at least subject ,but its not working ,let me share code snippet related to problem ,here is model view using System; using System.

Then the click event will cause the page being refreshed, so it looks like that the validation doesn't work.

If we set the button 'type="submit"', when we click the button, it will automatically submit the form.

Homepage Model if your view is the entire homepage or Navigation Form Model if your view is just a partial view that contains a dropdown for navigation).

The List of the month are Already added In Databases.

I spent fair amount of time searching for validation in MVC.

But I dint get any result which suits to my problem.

Please bear in mind that I am new to MVC so correct me if I my approach is wrong for implementing validation.

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