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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The villages are generally in the open grazing districts at the bottom of the valleys, on side plateaus, or on broad ridges.

It was suggested that because they have kept themselves socially isolated for nearly two-thousand years, and have refrained from intermarriage with other races, the Jews offer a promising field for the solution of many obscure problems in the study of man. On each side of the river a pair of strong beams are built into pillars of stonework, so that the weight upon the immured extremities counterbalances the free ends independently of the supports by which the latter are upheld.

Considering that they have been scattered over almost every part of the habitable globe ; by involuntary and mostly forced migrations from dty to dty, country to country and from con- tinent to continent, have been subjected to frequent changes in their physical environment, it was expected that a thorough study of their racial characteristics might contribute to our meager knowledge of the influence of environment on race. Thus solidly fixed, the two pairs are opposite each other with a more or less wide space between their extremities.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. Digitized by Googk 320 AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION [memoirs, i In this way an efficient protection is afforded against depreda- tions by cattle or sheep.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Duplicate pages can be obtained from the microfilm version available here at Tozzer. '93 Antropologitcheskia nabliudenia na Elavkase (Observations anthropologiques au Caucase, Presentee d la Section Cau- casienne de la Sociiti Imperiale Russe de Giographie), Tiflis, 1893. Construction of Bridges The Paez Indians are very clever bridge builders and are often called considerable distances to employ their skill in this direc- tion.

I therefore gratefully acknowledge the valuable assis- tance rendered me by Lee K. D., Manager of the United Hebrew Charities of New York City, by affording me the opportunity to obtain anthropomet- ric measurements in connection with my work as medical examiner to the Chari- ties. Franke Ps assistance this work could not have been done. Franz Boas for his valuable advice and suggestions during the preparation of the work. Joseph Jacobs I am sincerely indebted for reading and revising the manuscript and proofs. The main structure of the bridge being thus formed, a heavy floor, gen- erally of round stems, is laid over it, and the whole is protected by a roof of elaborate construction (plates vii, i, and viii).

5 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 6 AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION [memoirs, i they have dwelt, or if extensive conversions to Judaism have taken place, and the modem Jews are thus a mixture of various racial elements, blended together in a more or less homogeneous group of people, they should offer excellent material for the study of the effects of racial intermixture on the physical organi- zation of man. It is useless to say that not a single nail is used to unite the numerous parts of the structure, a vine called ptakuia being exclusively used for this purpose.The Racial Purity of The Jews Up to recent time two diametrically opposed views were held by anthropologists on the question of the purity of the Jewish race. '82 Roczny przyrost ciala u zydov galicyjskich jako przyczynek do ich charakterystyki fizycznei. The words Utilpi and kapio belong to the Kitsua language, a fact that points to the southern origin of these varieties.Some have maintained that the Jews have preserved themselves in there original purity for the last four thousand years.^ Richard Andree points out that the racial types repre- sented on the ancient Assyrian and Egyptian monuments prove beyond doubt the constancy of the Jewish type. Zeitschrift fur Demographie und Statistik der Juden, Vol. Zbior Wiad, do antropo L Kraj.y Krakow, IV, 1880, pp. Judging from tradition, as well as from the varietal names used elsewhere in the Cauca valley, the flint com that is grown all over the country may possibly be of northem origin.Even when he adopts the language, dress, habits, and customs of the people among whom he lives, he still remains everywhere the same. The t^ulpif or sweet com, is usually eaten roasted or boiled on the cob.All he adopts is but a cloak, under which the eternal Hebrew survives ; he is the same in his facial features, in the structure of his body, his temperament, his character.*** Joseph Jacobs, who studied the question both from the anthropological and the historical standpoint is " in- clined to support the long standing belief in the substantial purity of the Jewish race, and to hold that the vast majority of contemporary Jews are the lineal descendants of the diaspora of the Roman empire.'** This view was materially changed during the last thirty years,, after anthropological investigations of several thousand Jews by modem methods had been published. At present all the Jews from Ger, many, Poland, Russia, and Austria are called A^ikenazim partly because of the •' Yiddish " or German jargon which most of them employ. Of soft com, or kapio ^ they make a kind of dough called iniont^, which is the base of several culinary preparations, among them the tortilla {kudts), Ka$ is a gruel made of black com ; mut^i^ or mot H (the Kitsua mote)^ is prepared by shelling the kemels without disintegrating them.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Each group of houses, in which several generations of a single family dwell, is surrounded by a small enclosed field, planted with sugar-cane, plantains, oranges and other fruits, and greens and roots of daily use.

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