Are taylor swift and zac efron dating yahoo answers

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Zac Efron fans and supporters will love this category! yes but it wasnt miley it was zac how kissed her and opened her cloth and bkini and he told here to sleep together naked then she said yes then vanessa came and woke up zac and zac found her naked so he slapped vanessa and she run away from his house so zac woke up miley and asked her to marry him and she said yes and after 10 years miley got pregnant but… Like every person zac just wants to be normal without the press and publicity about him with al the fake photos of him on the internet, he does what every normal person does relaxes there social gatherings partys ect...

If you mean Channing as in Stockard Channing, then the answer is no, she is not getting married.

She has been with cinematographer Daniel Gillham for at least 20 years now, but has said that after her four failed marriages, she won't be getting married again.

oh and bcuz of VANESSA HUDGENS personality and bcuz shes great nd any guy would be lucky to hav her as a girlfriend so ZAC EFRON must be really lucky to hav a girl like her bcuz shes is sexy,hot,smart,lovable,great personality,fashionable,fun loving and a whole lot more ,,,,,, ZAC U SHOULD BE LUCKY TO HAV VANESSA N DNT TAKE THIS…

Though Zac has millions of girl fans he always makes sure that he has time for Vanessa. They are completely normal and are the way God made them unlike circumcised men. Look up David Reimer if you want to learn about the risks. They're just made 4 each other They started dating coz from the beginning they had a chemistry between them.

We wonder if she will get any more pets in the new series of the show that aires in a couple of weeks?!

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Most likely chad Michael Murray and hilarie Burton will return…

No she doesn't she has a job, but if you're asking if she goes to every show because you have a fantasy about stealing him away from her get over yourself they're practically engaged and are very cute together.

Here's a quote when she was talking briefly about her previous marriages, "For what it's worth, there's always been real, life-and-death passion. Rachel Hurd-Wood is a British actress who was born and also resides in the United Kingdom. He was a character actor and noted for running a famous hot dog joint in North Hollywood until it was taken from him in the 90's as part of the subway construction.

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