Are evanna and matthew dating

In 2010, the young woman fundraised for people with multiple sclerosis; later on, she protected the rights of farm rabbits and stood for same-sex marriage legalization.

In 2017, the woman appeared in the music video “Disarm” by Bry.

The girl’s parents had nothing to do with art; the father worked as a teacher in a Catholic church for girls. The would-be celebrity was an ordinary Irish girl and dreamed of fame and romances.

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Are evanna and matthew dating

They continue to visit parties and social events together; however, they are no longer dating.

Now, Evanna Lynch is an energetic person and a famous social activist.

The actress does not eat meat and promotes vegetarianism.

In 2018, before Christmas, she advertised vegan gifts for friends and families: plant-based products and snacks in the Harry Potter style.

Critics and fans called her one of the brightest figures.

The woman not only worked in front of cameras but also designed the characters’ jewelry.2012 brought the premiere of the adventure series Sinbad starring the British actor Elliot Knight; Lynch got the role of Alehna.

The actress collaborated with Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, and Emma Watson; she became friends with Bonnie Wright who personified Ginny.

The actress was working on the Harry Potter saga until 2011 and appeared in four parts.

In September 2010, Lynch got accepted at the Institute of Education.

In February 2006, 14-year-old Evanna learned about the auditions for the role of Luna Lovegood and asked her father to accompany her in London.

The role of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter fantasy gave birth to another Hollywood star, Evanna Lynch.

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