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Of course Newhaven had previously had great success in producing Duofolds.The first ones manufactured already during the early 1930's, and later in the 1940's with the Duofold NS, followed by the AF Duofold, in turn followed by a wide range of aerometric Duofolds, referred to as the New Duofold. With a ten day computer controlled manufacturing process, and made from over 130 components it was subjected to 100 quality tests.The Centennial was officially introduced to commemorate Parkers 100 year jubilee 1888-1988, but production had started already in 1987.

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Instead it was Parker's subsidiary in Newhaven who continued to flourish.

ventually Parker Newhaven succeeded in a buyout of the Writing Instruments Division, and in 1986 the corporate headquarters moved to Newhaven, England.

Several UK-designed new pens were launched over a few years. It was launched in July of 1981 and the largest ad campaign in the UK company's history commenced.

The RB-1 was soon followed by the similar US made Arrow in August 1981.

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million were invested in a new hyper-modern factory in Janesville and In the autumn of 1984 another member of the Arrow/RB-1 family was introduced, the Vector.

The new management decided on a global marketing strategy, which unfortunately failed horribly and Parker Janesville would never again recover from the financial blow.

Initially the customers had a choice between a 14K or 18K nib, but the 14K nibs were discontinued in March of 1989.

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