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Appliance manufacturers often use a date code as part the of the units serial number to signify when it was manufactured.

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No one likes buying home appliances, there, we said it!

I mean, be honest, the only time you think about them is when you're renovating, or when that old machine packs it in.

Viking1st and 2nd Numeric Characters = Month Manufactured3rd and 4th Numeric Characters = Day Manufactured5th and 6th Numeric Characters = Year Manufactured Example – 021508R00001234 was manufactured February 15th 2008.*Some Viking refrigerators are manufactured by Amana and will reflect Amana date codes WC Wood1st Alpha Character = Month Manufactured 2nd Alpho Character = Year Manufactured Example – 40205667Fp was manufactured in June of 2007.

WC Wood Month Codes A=Jan B=Feb C=Mar D=Apr E=May F=June G=Jul H=Aug I=Sep J=Oct K=Nov L=Dec WC Wood Year Codes A=1992 B=1993 C=1994 D=1995 E=1996 F=1997 G=1998 H=1999 I=2000 J=2001 K=2002 L=2003 M=2004 N=2005 O=2006 P=2007 Q=2008 R=2009 S=2010 T=2011 U=2012 V=2013W=2014 X=2015 Y=2016 Z=2017 Whirlpool2nd or 3rd Alpha Character = Year Manufactured (Prior to 1990 1st Numeric = Last Digit of Year Manufactured)1st and 2nd Numeric Character = Week Manufactured Example – CSR2817974 was manufactured in the 28th week (July) of 2004.

The Building Intelligence Center assists home owners, property managers, home inspectors, commercial building inspectors, contractors, service technicians, and insurance providers in decoding the age of these mechanical appliances by providing a resource library of industry brands and sample serial numbers where the date of manufacture is often coded.

We specialize in the restoration of kitchen stoves (gas and electric) and refrigerators (currently not available) that were produced from the 1900’s through the 1950’s.Experience, knowledge and quality craftsmanship is our key to our success!Our craftsmen restore all makes of antique stoves and refrigerators.Estate See Whirlpool Eurotech See Asko Fisher&Paykel1st Alpha Character = Year Manufactured2nd Alpha Character = Month Manufactured Example – RUM771495 was manufactured in November 2006.F&P Year Codes C=1 U=2 M=3 B=4 E=5 R=6 L=7 A=8 N=9 D=0F&P Month Codes F=1 I=2 S=3 H=4 E=5 R=6 P=7 A=8 Y=9 K=10 U=11 L=12 Frigidaire See Electrolux Gaggenau See Bosch General Electric1st Alpha Character = Month Manufactured2nd Alpha Character = Year Manufactured Example – SF070596 was manufactured in September 2003.If we happen to have any, they are listed in the ‘Feature Items’ section.

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