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To do so, they would first file a “false and fraudulent Fictitious Business Name Statement” with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder at the County Clerk’s Office.

The list of 80 charged individuals is at the end of this post, but for now, let’s jump straight to some of the stories of Business Email Compromise and Romance Scams that brought together this international gang of thieves.

On July 19, 2017, the FBI served a search warrant at the residence of Valentine IRO’s apartment.

Data from IRO’s broken phone was forensically recovered by the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, which must have been quite a challenge, but was successfully accomplished!

The phone was used to receive messages 38 seconds and 39 seconds after the FBI hit the front door, which proves he had not destroyed it the previous day, as claimed. IGBOKWE claimed he did not know anything about the fraud but that he did help his “wife”, Tityaye MANSBANGURA, with her business of buying and selling cars.(IRO was previously interviewed by the FBI on October 26, 2016 and November 23, 2016 about a wire transfer of $100,083.45 that was sent by a German victim company to his Chase VOI Enterprises account.)A key finding in the phone reviews was that these guys NEVER DELETE DATA!

(The new email’s headers reveal they were sent from Nigerian IP addresses.) Feb 12, 2016 $186,686 from United Bank of Africa account to IRO’s Chase 9837 Account Feb 16, 2016 $132,950 wired from that account to Wells Fargo “Irva Auto Sales Account” memo “Mack Rd Model 2010 X”Feb 16, 2016 $50,000 send from Wells Irva Auto to BOA account 1824 “Bernards International”Feb 18, 2016 IRO withdrew $50,000 cash from BOA 1824. Feb 16, 2016 $28,670 wired to Cal Com FCU account 3017 memo “Menhien Auction on Wednesday”(The Texas company recovered $55,593.18 of that amount, but only after spending $50,000 in legal fees pursuing the matter with Chase.)R. was a 48 year old woman living in Panama City Beach, Florida who was recently widowed.

She began an online romantic relationship with a doctor in the US Military, stationed in Libya, who was a widower. sent three wires from her Wells Fargo account Mar 31, 2016 – $18,000 to the Comerica account 2663 of IRVA Auto Sales Apr 4, 2016 – $39,000Apr 7, 2016 – $30,000Several cash withdrawals were made from Nashville, Tennessee from the Comerica account. AWAK created false invoices to help launder the funds from the Auto Sales account.

AWAK also communicated about laundering these funds using the name “HANOI BATTERY JSC” and the email [email protected]

AWAK also used the name “Kwee Tin Law” with that email address. had over 0,000 in his account, he didn’t wait for the check to clear, which had a hold on it because it appeared to come from a Canadian bank.

The reason no one was answering the door was because the residents were busy trying to destroy evidence.

Chukwudi IGBOKWE slid one window open and threw two phones (a gold i Phone 7 Plus ( 1.323.509.0012) and a silver/white Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ( 1.213.425.8827)) as far as he could, landing on the curb of the driveway to the apartment.

The criminal complaint shares the details of thirty separate scams that are all connected, primarily via the two primary defendants, Valentine IRO and Chukwudi IGBOKWE.

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