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He struck me so hard in the chest that my heart slammed against my breastbone and began to swell, so the beating became labored, and without medical attention the heart would’ve continued to swell until it stopped.

Many people that have car accidents die like this when the steering wheel slams into their chest.

In May 2009, a group of three armed robbers broke his house near Marbella, Spain, and tied his ex-wife, Anette.

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Anette qviberg dating

However, the burglars were terrified after they saw a family photo of Dolph and his children. Dolph later revealed that they stole a couple of things but brought some back.

The incident left his elder daughter, Ida Sigrid suffer from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and his wife was 'most traumatized.' His daughter Ida likes to travel and has visited several places like Marassi North Coast, Hacienda White, Panormos Village, and several parts of Egypt. Her proud mother Anette wished her 21st birthday on mid night and shared her picture on Instagram.

“I don’t want to pick up kicking too early but I’m much better off than I was for the past three to four years, when I couldn’t do too much.” The “Rocky IV” star is currently training to reprise his role as Russian fighting machine Ivan Drago in “Creed 2,” having just signed his new contract last week.

He’s looking forward to getting back in the ring and revealed that Sylvester Stallone packed a meaner punch than Carl Weathers, who starred as Apollo Creed. Weathers was all about speed and jabs,” he explained. I was actually pretty surprised at how well Sly could fight. He was really committed.” Still, some of Lundgren’s learning curve took a toll on Stallone, now 71.

Dolph Lundgren was married to the jewelry designer, Anette Qviberg.

The duo tied their knot in 1994 at Stockholm, Sweden. In his youth, he trained in Kyokushin karate and tried judo and Goju-Ryu.Dolph Lundgren has accumulated a net worth of million from his career as Swedish actor and director since 1985.“I have to work very hard.” The “Aquaman” actor reveals just how hard to work to get to his level in his new book, “Train Like an Action Hero: Be Fit Forever.” Among other revelations in the combination autobiography and fitness manual, Lundgren admits that he actually was usually picked last in gym class as a kid due to his skinny build and severe allergies, which were so bad he had to wear eye patches.Now, the martial arts master offers advice not on antihistamines, but on fitness and some serious self-defense maneuvers, including how to avoid getting stabbed in a knife fight.Like her elder sister, she donned a birthday cap and blew the candles on her cake.

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