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And even though he knows that whining when you're shining can be a bad career move, he just can't hold his tongue.

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"I think we're starting to progress to where we want to end up.

I read a news artical from and I discovered that Shaun Morgan, lead singer of Seether, has faced a cruel turn in his life.

"Remedy," the new single by South African neo-grunge band Seether, continues to climb the chart, which is a real thrill for a group that hasn't released a new album in three years.

Yet frontman Shaun Morgan has some issues on his mind that are making him kinda cranky.

"There are a bunch of people out there whose job is to handle product, and they overlook the fact that there are human beings involved." Such gripes often come from artists who have been neglected or unappreciated by their record labels, which isn't at all the case for Seether, whose new disc, Karma and Effect, is out May 24.

Not only did the band's 2002 debut, Disclaimer, receive strong promotion that helped it go gold, two years later the band's label felt there was still a strong consumer base for the disc.

After they broke up Shaun decided to enter rehab for misuse of alcohol. When he was in rehab, Amy Lee wrote a song called "Call Me When Your Sober". Shaun said "I dont know why she would drag on the pain of the break up ferther than it needs to be.

I could wrie a nasty song about her but i wouldn't. After rehab Seether had a new song called "Breakdown".

With the help of producer Bob Marlette (Saliva, Shinedown), the band funneled three years of ideas into 13 surging songs that sometimes forsake convention in favor of creativity.

"We didn't want to come out and simply reinvent what we've done," Morgan said.

"It affected my relationship with Amy to the point where I walked out a couple times because I couldn't deal with it," Morgan admitted. Most of all I think it's really funny to be Amy's boyfriend, but when people see a video with her in it and automatically assume it's her band, that kind of ignorance really pisses me off." Morgan is pissed off about a lot of other things that happened over the past year as well: He was instructed not to swear on the new album, the cover art was altered and the original title, Catering to Cowards, had to be changed to Karma and Effect.

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