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Read the report: #Start With20Percent If you are feeling terrified, heartbroken, and defeated by the barrage of attacks on our community, you are not alone...

May we turn this time of despair into a time of action.

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“Who we see thriving in the world teaches us how to see ourselves, how to think about our own value, how to dream about our futures.” On its first season, was nominated for 11 Emmys.

The series went on to inspire many viewers, who resonated with the show’s relatable characters.

Take a look at the stunning reporting @paolamendoza is doing from the caravan, and please give whatever you can to help. Ever felt like political leaders don't represent your worldview? This is why your perspective & experiences are so valuable. If you voted a provisional ballot, make sure your vote gets counted by contacting your County Supervisor of Elections by 5 PM TODAY. XFH6 GEORGIA PROVISIONAL VOTERS: You can make sure your vote is counted.

#superstore Ow CLL1b Hk Last weekend I met this mother & daughter with a group of artists visiting asylum seekers at our border.

Thank you @nowthisnews for this informative piece on our @iwillharness delegation. Address whatever concerns you were told when you were given a provisional ballot Bf QBi9sq In a race this close, one vote could be the difference between a loss, a runoff, or a victory.

Thank you @fams2gether for hosting us & for your incredible work on the ground! I can’t stop thinking about the images of moms journeying with their babies in the refugee caravan. Check it out: Remember when Collins said YES on #Kavanaugh? If you voted on a provisional (paper) ballot, you need to make sure your vote was counted.

They are especially on my heart this Thanksgiving season. Joining her that day in solidarity was Cindy Hyde-Smith who is up for re-election RIGHT NOW #Mississippi Runoff Election for Senate is Nov 27 I’m still mad. Let’s make sure Mike #Espy wins this Senate seat @AFLCIO @swingleft SK0107D Every voice must be heard in this race!

You are what the world looks like." @America Ferrera Watch America's full TED Talk about the need for more authentic representation here: com/Y4IB3p H Kfwc3Rx I It was a powerful, emotional, and challenging journey to relive my life experiences and 18-year career in an attempt to distill them into a 12 minute message. via @TEDTalks That can’t keep my eyes open kind of laughter🤣.

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