david survivor dating - Amavisd updating

(Create a MX record for the gateway server) MX 10 mailgateway.

amavisd updating-25amavisd updating-21amavisd updating-84

That is the official recommendation) Checks 12 # (Use the mirror closest to you.

Replace XY with your country code Database Mirror db.

Upon reception it will forward it to Amavisd-new on port 10024.

Amavisd-new will then filter the mail through different filters before passing the mail back to Postfix on port 10025 which in turn will forward the mail to the next mail server.

This document describe how to setup a spam filtering mail gateway with multiple domains.

This server is meant to run in front of the mail servers actually keeping the mail accounts i.e. In this setup applications with good security records and readable configuration files have been chosen.The next chapters can be implemented individually with no dependence between each chapter.These chapters describe how to: Note The IMAP folders will be using the maildir format.# - danish english norwegian swedish ok_languages da en no sv # Mail using locales used in these country codes will not be marked # as being possibly spam in a foreign language.ok_locales en # Use a sensible bayes path bayes_path /var/amavis/.spamassassin/bayes Once mail really starts passing through this mail gateway you will probably discover that the above setup is not perfect.The email MTA is postfix which has a good security record and is fairly easy to setup right.

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