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Every sale of the book originating from this website results in a percentage of every sale being sent to us, which we in turn donate to one of Michael's favorite charities, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. - some would measure success on whether you'd had an action figure made out of your film or TV character.As dumbfounding as it may be, that still hasn't happened in the universe. Surely having your character featured in a video game must be just as good. Michael, Richard Dean Anderson, Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping have all given their voices to their own You can find out more about the game - and check out some screenshots - on the Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance website, or on Perception and Jo Wood Productions' websites.

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Go to the Creation Entertainment website for more information and to place your order.

During a live chat at Sy Fy Portal's Yahoo Group, the winners of the Sy Fy Genre awards were announced, and Michael won in his category of Best Supporting Actor/Television for his role as Dr Daniel Jackson in was announced as the Best Series, and Michael's co-star in the popular season 8 episode "Prometheus Unbound", Claudia Black, won in the category of Best Special Guest/Television, while the episode itself won for Best Episode/Television.

Carole's report can be found in the Conventions section.

We'll be adding pictures from the convention very shortly!

Images can also be found on the website - including a sneak peek of what the video version of Dr Daniel Jackson!

Somehow in between laughing along with the crowd and listening avidly as Michael spoke, Carole managed to take a few notes during Michael's recent appearance at Creation's London convention on the last weekend of May.A brief update to the auction side of things: we're still waiting for final payments to come in (it's one thing to get bids, another to get the payments! And don't forget, if you aren't attending a convention, you can still order the book through the MSOL Charity Bazaar Books section and still have your purchase benefit the MS Society of Canada.Our thanks to Joy and the group at Buzzy Multimedia for making the convention referral offer available.We've also added a page 2 and page 3 to the Tulsa Trek Expo 2004 convention gallery page. We've had a few technical difficulties with the auction... We've re-uploaded the last 30 items to e Bay, however it means that we did lose all bids on those items to date.On the bright side, you get to experience the whole bidding excitement all over again!Chief amongst them is a photo taken of a 23 year old Michael Shanks performing as the .

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