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“You know how guys are, a lot of times we’re hard-headed and we think we can figure everything out by ourselves without asking for help,” said Cherry during an interview.

“[The father in the short] thinks it’s going to be an easy task but he soon finds out her hair has a mind of its own”.

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According to Cherry, not only did he want to shine a light on the labor of love that doing Black hair requires, but he wanted to highlight the relationships between Black fathers and their daughters.

“For me, I just think it was really important to shine a light on Black fathers doing domestic things with their kids because mainstream media would lead you to believe that Black fathers aren’t a part of their kids’ lives”, Cherry said.

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Like, how can you not pay attention to the Colombian singer that has captivated the hearts of millions? Like there were literally dozens of men that completely failed the challenge.

They didn’t channel the event’s theme of “Camp” in any way and instead showed up in basic black. He’s got style, he’s got beauty, and he’s got talent. When it comes to grooming a daughter’s hair, Black fathers haven’t been shy about expressing the difficulties that come along with the morning ritual. In Latinx communities with large Afro-Latino populations, having “good hair” is a label we all have to contend with.

We all know that daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has plenty of drama going on in her own life. time there and he was absolutely working a stunning look.

However, that didn’t stop her from letting it all out on her review of the Billboard Music Awards. After saying Madonna “moved like an old lady”, Wendy tried putting Maluma – who she thought was Madonna’s boyfriend – on blast. People rightfully pointed out that Maluma came to slay.

As for Cherry, he’s over-the-moon about the opportunity for his project to be seen by millions of people.

“To see this project go from a Kickstarter campaign to the big screen is truly a dream come true,” he said in a press statement.

The father isn’t the only one who learns a lesson in self-confidence in the course of the film, though.

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