Alternative dating systems

In Speculative Fiction, it's common to use a different calendar than the real world.In fantasy, a popular version of this is to measure time in "moons" instead of months.casual dating relationship gay dating websites list: relationship advice free?

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In Sci-fi settings, these calendars are frequently used across multiple worlds, becoming Standard Time Units.

If Alternative Calendar is used in Science Fiction with Earthian years, it may mean that the work takes place After the End or something else that Hit So Hard, the Calendar Felt It or that everybody have Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions and chose something significant for their reference point.

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A common Year One, Day One in science fiction is October 4, 1957—the date Sputnik was launched, thereby beginning the Space Age.

Another Year One is the year Rome was founded, called 1 Ab Urbe Condita.

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