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0 points to both Fuji: 0, Ricoh: 2 The GR III, despite being smaller is still far more comfortable in my clumsy big hands.

The menus, and control I do find to be easier to use in most operation.

I took both cameras out to trial, and found deciding between them extremely difficult.

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While both can be customized, just as a matter of personal taste, I prefer the factory setting of the GR III.

One of the big differences for me is the green spectrum.

It came down to the wire for me, so let’s get to what sets these apart, and how I reached my decision by going through the scorecard: So just like the X-Pro, of which to I’m accustomed, focusing with the X100F is made easy with an incredible AF system.

The single and wide tracking focus points work great, but for me the hybrid manual setting was what I kept it in most of the time.

It seems that a fantastic lens paired with a 24M sensor makes for some seriously eye popping pictures, no matter who the manufacturer is.

While technically as good as each other, the Fuji and the Ricoh render JPEGs in a very different way.

This is incredibly fast and intuitive if you know how to use it correctly, and was the only way I shot while using the camera.

I just click it into 2m focus zone and keep the camera at f/8 (super deep DOF especially with an APS-C) and basically I never miss a shot, even from the hip.

A compact is a camera you can take everywhere that will distinguish you from other “phonetographers” in both improved control and image quality.

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