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HOWEVER, it does not follow from these truths that we should make Global Warming the top priority.

In fact due to the expense and difficulties involved a clear mind will conclude that we should implement cheap changes but forego the expensive changes in favor of devoting those resources to *current* catastrophic global conditions – generally these relate to poverty and health conditions in the developing world, but would also probably include work to alleviate the appalling conditions found in many American and European big city neighborhoods.

Uthus has done many hip transplants for lots and lots of the Bottineau folks including my mother and my Uncle Emil Petterson all with great success.

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I think a good test of whether you are clear thinking about a topic is to make the opposition case effectively enough that people can’t tell your bias.

Most topics have complex sets of facts and no easy answers – everybody should keep that in mind. v=Dtbn9z Bf JSs Hey – Al Gore’s office looks a lot like mine, but with bigger monitors.

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He also had a kidney removed a couple of years ago, it was full of cancer.

He had been in and out of the hospital, more in than out, for the last couple of years.He had moved out of the house when he was a teenager, and lived a brief period with my grandfather George Albert.Then moved out to California, and eventually moved to the Seattle Washington area.Generally people note that global warming is happening (true) and that warming is likely the result of human activity (probably true – IPCC concludes over 90% likely).It’s also reasonable to assume that warming will lead to mostly undesirable changes. We celebrated at the lake with some friends and family a couple of weeks ago.

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