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Ripley, Thanos, and John Wick fared well, but the Punisher, who Jane portrayed on screen, apparently would be pulverized.

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The predators, those lithe, cunning, befanged extraterrestrials at the heart of the three-decade-old horror franchise, aren’t just content hunting humans. “The Predator,” Shane Black’s upcoming entry in the series, finds the creatures locked in deadly battle with one another.

In a gory scene teased on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con, Boyd Holbrook, playing a damaged military vet; Jacob Tremblay, as his young son; and Olivia Munn, portraying a shifty scientist, are able to escape their alien pursuer because an even more menacing predator steps in and swipes their attacker aside. One predator towers over the other — it’s bigger, badder, and far more deadly. ” Munn’s character asks as the genetically enhanced predator rips the head off its brethren, leaving the other predator to bleed out.

Also invisibility system was changet to new balance, so if before you couldn't saw predator untill you put on your nightvision, now you can spot him in a specific distance without any devices and independently of brightness.

So now you sould be very carefull if you want to kill human in close combat.

“They want to punch back and they’re not above a little bit of roiding, so to speak,” Black said.

Black was flanked on stage by Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Augusto Aguilera, Sterling K. Most of the cast members play soldiers who are battling PTSD from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In original R2 when you playing as a human you could choose your weapon before spawn, which means what it is no differences between classes as for "corps", as like for "marines".

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