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Please don't allow Google to facilitate that digression.

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They're not quite human beings, but close enough to make one feel uncomfortable.

It's like watching the apes at the zoo pick their asses.

This is a disgrace, as a Christian I am shocked and heartssick that you would allow this.

You people obviously haven't heard of a little thing called the hollocaust!!

You are officially removed from my home page and my favorite. The website is anti-semetic, racist, and classist in the worst possible way.

I am not Jewish and I find its contents attrocious and criminal.I am appalled a reputable business such as would allow such blatant hatred against other people.I am disgusted and will no longer and encourage others not to use google for any internet searches.Please remove this atrocious site from Google, and start a new trend - TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE!!!Watching and listening to people like these is always a little nauseating. PHILLIPSON, FORMERLY DUVENHAGE (NEE WILLEMSE) 23561.

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