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died in 1672, and left by Will five hundred Pounds towards rebuilding St. He wrote a Tragicomedy, cal Vd the Amorous War ; alfo feveral Sermons ; to and a Pamphlet in 1 647, examined according to the Reaibn.

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Look not his Qjill, then Jhould Petitions run Ac Gatherings here into a Prologue fpun. Are Cares for them -who eat by t// Stage, an Jt JJit. Madam Aurelia, Penelope Plotwe U his daughter, Seathrift, a merchant.

out his Approbation or Allowance, were ready to print a falfe, in.pcrfecl Copy, he was loth to be Ubei Vd by his own Work or that his Play Jhould appear to the world with the Prefs ; not ; more than its Farewel. For 'where your Pity tnujl your Judgment be, *Tis not a Play, but you jir d lioujes fee.

Our prefence is their bridle now 'Tis good To know them well, whom we do make our heirs.

boy and Believe' t, a virtuous A very -, for his filler, faint. Miftake me not, I have like opinion of my nephew, Sir Yet he is young, and fo is your fon ; nor Doth the church-book fay they are pall: our feara. Some wife men build their own tombs, let us try How We If 7#* If we were Or their long cloaks City-Match. 'Twill make : This plot Famous upon the Exchange And will do't.

He* s thus fecure, then, that he cannot win Cenfttre fkarper than his own hath been.

nd this from the Flume For th\ Author builds no Fame, nor doth afpire To Praife, from that which he condemn d to th" fire.

Fie, thele fears, Though When they become you, nephew, are ominous.

Her miltrefs thinks, Sir And filter : with him one day fhe ? Where The wealthier mines, in the Indies, Weltminfter-hall Plot. Again or meafure your mind plainly, I'd have like queint figures Sir, ?

Who hath made this Play publick, and the fame Power that makes Laws, redee?

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