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While modern women might think that dating and marriage are difficult fields to navigate, in most cases we have it easier than our ancestors did.

Dating and marriage advice over the centuries has been dodgy at best.

"Wherefore it is becoming for a wife to worship and to know only the gods that her husband believes in, and to shut the front door tight upon all queer rituals and outlandish superstitions.

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Much of it centers not on how to have a happy, balanced relationship, but on how to please a man.

For much of history, women were raised primarily to be wives and mothers, and that is reflected in historical dating advice.

He told women that, upon marriage, a woman's life ceases to be her own.

"A wife ought not to make friends of her own, but to enjoy her husband's friends in common with him," he wrote.

While his intent was to warn Betsey not to get caught up in the romance of falling in love, but to find a well-suited partner, his words come across as a bit cynical.

Washington wrote: "Love is a mighty pretty thing; but like all other delicious things, it is cloying; and when the first transports of the passion begins to subside, which it assuredly will do, and yield — oftentimes too late — to more sober reflections, it serves to evince, that love is too dainty a food to live upon alone…

Plutarch also told women that they should adopt their husband's religion and abandon their own.

"The gods are the first and most important friends," he said.

If you think 21st century love is a tricky thing, just imagine living in days gone by when women were expected to be little more than pretty ornaments who existed to serve their husbands.

Take a look at some of the strangest dating and marriage advice given to women throughout history.

In 1901, Emma Frances Angell Drake's was published.

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