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He was charged with sodomy and given a sentence of 17 years in prison.

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Age of Consent does not apply to acts of sodomy under Kansas law.

This flagrant case of de juris discrimination prompted many states to make homosexual acts applicable to their respective statutory rape legislation if they had not already.

There remain states, however, that still do not have such provisions, including Kansas.

In law, a minor is a person under a certain age, usually the age of majority, which legally demarcates childhood from adulthood.

After someone has reached 17 years of age, they may choose to have sex with anyone older than them, provided that the sex act is consensual with both people involved.

Other states' statutory rape legislation targets males.Limon would have faced a maximum sentence of 15 months in prison.He appealed based on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment and the Kansas Appellate court upheld the original ruling.Teenagers are developmentally in a different place than adults and are thus more susceptible to being passively coerced into having sex.The controversy of many states' statutory rape legislation is that nobody can agree on what is the proper age of consent because the developmental age of each teenager is different.For example, the drinking age in the United States is usually 21, and younger people are sometimes called minors in the context of alcohol law, even if they are at least 18.

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