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The reason I gave the site 2 stars is because it is a really invaluable lesson about wasting your time on total bull$#*!

in pursuit of a fantasy that does not remotely exist. But if not, AFF is a good place for a cold slap in the face.

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So why in hell would any such woman go through the hassle of registering and paying for such a site as AFF???

(On the other hand, if you're a guy like us who is actually, really and truly interested in a committed LTR, in finding your lifelong "soulmate," then the reverse is true.

And I KNOW my im's aren't even sending because I get the same guys that have been trying to hookup with me for MONTHS but my messages STILL don't get through!

I don't think your gold members would be too happy to know that us standard members can't even READ messages from them!!!!! This site is literally useless for me at this point.

Desirable women will be coming out of the woodwork to be lining up around the block for you.

But that's not the subject of this review.) Now from what I can tell, there may be a handful at most (let's say 2%) of women on the site who are nonetheless just that.Well I was talking to a couple for 7 hours and we were setting a play date to meet at a hotel.So when the time came to meet them, they never showed up, never contacted me, I was sending messages, didnt get any back.old smokin' hot lingerie clad hotties from somewhere in the States.You know pretty soon, if you would allow your willingly deluded self to know, because their English is just weird, and they immediately start referring to you as love, dear, hun, babe, or even love of my life, one and only love and the like.Profile views and IM notifications dont work well at all, you may get one out of 10. The reason I gave the site 2 instead of 1 stars is because during this otherwise complete waste of a month I'll never get back, I was reminded of the one fundamental thing all us men roughly in my boat of any age, race or creed realize deep in our hearts but continue to delude ourselves about: If there's a semi-decent looking woman OF ANY AGE (and I'm talking even well into her mid-70s from personal experience) who IRL really and truly just wants to have a low-key NSA sexually-oriented, but not at all necessarily exclusively sexually-oriented, ONS or ongoing FWB- style connection with a guy like me or you, all she has to do is snap her fingers and these dudes or better will be lining up around the block for her.

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