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When Downtime's enabled, only phone calls and the apps you've selected will be available on your i Phone.The idea seems geared toward using less of your phone at night, when you should be getting ready for bed instead of staring at a screen.(Tapping on an individual app gives you an hourly breakdown, plus a shortcut for setting a time limit on the app.)MORE: Screen Time in i OS 12: Everything You Need to Know But there's even more Screen Time data if you keep scrolling.

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At the top of that screen, you'll see a graphic showing just how much time you've spent on your i OS devices for the day, and how that compares to your normal usage.

You'll also see a line chart that breaks down the time spent on different categories of apps, such as social networking, productivity and games.

A Notifications section shows how many notifications have come in and which apps are the biggest culprit.

That can help you better manage notifications, though if you want to make changes to which apps can buzz, you'll have to either head to the Notifications setting or the Notifications Center.

You'll also see a list of which apps and categories of apps you've set limits on using the App Limits function.

Downtime and App Limits are among the other Screen Time features you'll find on the main screen.Screen Time, introduced as part of i OS 12, figures to have the biggest impact on how to use your i Phone.With this feature, you can monitor just how you're spending your time on your phone, from the apps your using to the number of times throughout the day you're picking up the i Phone to glance at its screen.Tapping that graphic lets you drill down to get more info about your phone usage.On the subsequent screen, you can toggle between device usage today and over the last week.Here's a closer look at what each section can do to change your phone habits.

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