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If you are feeling lonely or isolated, then please feel free to contact your local community wellbeing hub on the phone numbers below. Looking for new friend chill out relax like two explore. The majority of assize court records for Lincolnshire after 1818 are held at the Public Record Office in London. Lincolnshire Archives do have copies of calendars of prisoners (lists of the prisoners to be tried at that court with details of their alleged crimes, and sometimes their ages) for some assize sessions.

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In many cases it also includes their age and place of origin.

Lincolnshire Archives acknowledges the important contribution made by the late Mr Anderson in this area of research.

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The trial documents can include statements by the prosecutor, witnesses and prisoners, recognisance’s for the appearance of witnesses, costs of the trial, calendars of prisoners and jury lists, etc.

However the type and amount of surviving documents will vary according to the convict.Cribra orbitalia, linear enamel hypoplasias (LEH), vertebral neural canal (VNC) size, craniofacial fluctuating asymmetry and femoral length were recorded in 267 adult skeletons dating from an earlier agricultural community (n=157) (AD1150-1700) and a later urbanised, middle-class community (n=110) (AD1700-1855) buried at St. The only stress indicator to display a statistical difference between periods was VNC size, which increased significantly in AD1700-1855.Analysis of stress indicators according to adult age-at-death revealed that cribra orbitalia, small VNC diameter and short femoral length in males and cribra orbitalia and craniofacial asymmetry in females were associated with a younger age-at-death in AD1150-1700.Lincolnshire Archives has a variety of records that relate to these three courts, and which date from the 17 century.The most relevant for transported convicts are the minute books and loose trial documents.Entry to the property on North Parade via three wide stone steps from pavement to front door. The staircase from the first floor main landing to the second floor main landing consists of 11 steps, then a small landing followed by a further 5 steps.

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