Adult cam web designers

That is because there will be no tacky-looking “white background” behind each logo.

Instead, it’ll be transparent and whatever is behind the floating logos will be visible.

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Some models want to have their profiles fully designed before going live, and unfortunately that is not how it works.

If your code isn’t working the way you want it to, this is most likely the problem.

It’s important to note that your profile must be fully verified (ID submitted) before you’re able to add custom HTML to the profile page.

This is primarily to prevent spam or malicious code being entered on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate prides itself on the freedom it provides to broadcasters so that they may customize their cam pages and express themselves with overlays and graphics.

That being said, this freedom can only extend so far and ultimately must not interfere with the core functionality of our website.You can see an example of an image HTML code here: Simply replace the tinypic URL with the link of whatever image you want added to the profile page.If you’re using free image hosting software, it should spit out the image URL.If you are unsure whether or not the site or webpage is allowed, contact Chatrubate support to get confirmation.If you want to add a hyperlink to that image you just added, here’s the code you’d use: Simply replace the “” with whatever URL you want to link to.Because Chaturbate allows models to use custom coding, the possibilities are just about endless.

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