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I had a great time using it and I believe that you are on to something that will only expand from here.

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kwamiluv Yes, I met someone that is why I am deleting my profile but we are just started.

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A Southern California woman was in custody Tuesday after authorities said she drugged her estranged husband, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis and put it through a garbage disposal.

The only woman wey fit turn Urhobo man to flying boat!

This leads to yet another characteristic…There is no denying it…Nigerian men are fine.

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At Akarsh hospitals we believe that a child is life’s greatest gift and pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences nature can offer.

Once he makes up his mind, he goes after her with a single-mindedness of a soldier on a special mission.

Which brings me to the next characteristic…How many times have you my sisters, sworn that you were going to “brain” that boyfriend of yours when you catch him in yet another escapade, only for him to turn up with an innocent-looking face, weaving his fabricated story of how he tripped and fell on his Aunt who happened to be wearing red lipstick, so that’s how the mark got on his shirt!

Is it the “yellow” ones from the East or the Caramel ones from the West?

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