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According to the latest reports, Catherine Bell has an estimated net worth of million. Regarding her hobbies, Catherine Bell loves boxing the most among all sports.

Her major source of income is her acting career from where she surely collects a decent amount. #goodies @hallmarkchannel A post shared by Catherine Bell (@therealcatherinebell) on Subsequently, Bell was offered modeling job in Japan where she appeared in several commercials and advertisement. You can have a look at the Kick-boxing practice of Catherine Bell in the following video.

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Furthermore, Bell worked in several movies that made an impressive collection at the box office. As per nationality, she is British and belongs to Mixed ethnicity (Scottish and Irish descent).

The actress is the daughter of Peter Bell, an architect and Mina Ezzati, a nurse.

Spanning three timelines and diving into the intricate connections between four families in a small German town, was already somewhat difficult to follow before Season 2 premiered.

With the eight new episodes adding an additional two timelines and introducing even more characters (and connections!

Adult Noah counsels Teen Noah about keeping the faith. Child Tronte shows Child Claudia his penis on her request.

Old Jonas/Adam tells Adult Noah to find the missing pages in the Triquetra notebook.-- June 23: Teen Jonas arrives from 2053 and is taken to Erna's house to stay with her, Child Agnes, and Teen Noah.-- June 24: Adult Noah lies to Old Jonas/Adam about Old Claudia having the missing Triquetra pages on her. Adult Agnes meets Old Claudia in the bunker and receives instructions to "betray" her to Adult Noah.9: Mads goes missing, having been kidnapped by Adult Helge.-- Nov. Mads is transported to 2019 through the chair, but dies in the process.-- Nov. 11: Teen Boris Niewald arrives in Winden and adopts the identity of Aleksander Köhler after committing two murders in Marburg.Teen Hannah witnesses Aleksander dispose of his real passport and a gun; she digs them up and keeps them.12: Adult Claudia hires Teen Aleksander to weld the door between the power plant and the caves shut. Old Helge confronts Adult Helge and asks him to stop working for Adult Noah, but Adult Helge doesn't listen. Teen Jonas arrives from 2019 to save Child Mikkel/Michael and bring him back.Adult Helge and Adult Noah kidnap Teen Jonas before he can.Adult Jonas visits Teen Jonas in the bunker and reveals his identity, explains why he can't let Teen Jonas out.

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