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If you have TVs in your front-of-house, it’s a good idea to keep on closed captioning for those who need it.These are small ways restaurant accessibility can be improved.Because these service dogs are doing their jobs, your staff should resist petting or otherwise distracting the dog unless their handler specifically says otherwise.

That stall should include a grab bar on the back wall and the side, more space to turn, and a wider door that swings out instead of in.

Include a sink that’s lower to the ground will also help guests in wheelchairs in particular.

Make sure there’s enough space for guests with wheelchairs and other mobility aids to follow your host with ease to their table.

Obviously, booths and high tables can be challenging for some guests to get into.

One of the most basic goals of any restaurant is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every guest.

Unfortunately, many guests with special needs find restaurant accessibility is lacking.

Your dining room should include some seating that will accommodate wheelchairs — including tables that specifically allow enough leg room for wheelchairs — and your host should be trained to pair groups who have mobility issues with that seating.

If you have two floors to your dining room, see about installing an elevator.

Again, it might not matter how good your food is if the guest feels you didn’t think of their basic needs with your restaurant accessibility.

Consider including one accessible bathroom stall in each restroom.

And the next time you’re going through the front-of-house hiring process, keep an eye out for any resumes that list American Sign Language (ASL) as one of the applicant’s skills.

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