Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa

Before you make a claim for housing benefit please read the information below about Universal Credit.

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You can ask for a review if you think the housing benefit decision is wrong.

[ As far as I can see, JC should be checking cases like these for possible entitlement to IRESA but it would appear at least in some cases that something’s going wrong. ] Check out chapter 45 Vol 8 of DMG: 45413 -45414 the example should be tattooed onto the DWP foreheads!

Universal Credit In order to submit a claim for Universal Credit you will be asked to verify your ID at the end of the online application.

You can plan ahead by verifying yourself now, at uk/verify, which will speed up the payment process for when you make an application.

If you are asked to provide evidence after completing the application you must provide this within one month of making the claim.

Please make sure your proof of evidence is up to date.

You can send a letter to explain your circumstances. Use our template letter The council writes to you once they've made a decision on your housing benefit claim.

If you can get housing benefit, the letter tells you the first day of your entitlement.

This happens automatically when you apply for housing benefit.

You're a mixed age couple if one of you is pension age and the other is working age. Couples won't usually be able to make a new claim for housing benefit unless you've both reached pension age.

You can ask us to consider backdating your claim if you have a good reason.

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