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But then I found out that she started seeing someone else. Initially I reacted with anger, but after several days I cooled down enough to let her know that we had meant a lotto each other and if she wanted to try and salvage our friendship I would be willing to talk to her.I didn’t hear from her for two months, and since I needed some sort of closure I e-mailed her to tell her to stay away from me and not contact me anymore.

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The conversation was light, funny, no discussion of relationships or exes.

I walked Courtney to her car and we hugged in the parking lot.

I’ve made my rounds on the online dating sites since divorcing five years ago and have taken my lumps, learned a lot, and fortunately found your book last year.

Courtney is 42, with two children age 17 and eight. We exchanged phone numbers and she immediately called and we had a nice conversation.

But when I made the decision to proceed with my divorce, she confessed she loved me, and I also had to admit I had very strong feelings toward her, and we looked forward to the day when we could have a romantic relationship.

During the final stages of the divorce, we began dating and did some couple-type behavior -- hugging, kissing, and holding hands.

I know that as of right now I do not have that relationship, but Mona is clearly showing interest and getting something from the coziness we have now. She always initiates contact with me and flirts constantly.

I don’t usually return the flirting -- I always keep it cool. I keep my mouth shut whenever she makes any plans for the future.

I really love this woman, but don’t like what I have now and am very frustrated.

I certainly don’t want to ruin any chance of a relationship with Mona if I can help it. Drew - who needs to break the impasse I’ve deliberately tried to keep my interest in Kimberly in check, though I’m highly attracted to her.

She’s not interested in seeing anyone else, and I am the only “man” in her life right now.

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