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This maximum may also be affected by the number of days one works in a workweek.

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An "exception" means that overtime is paid to a certain classification of employees on a basis that differs from that stated above. (For special rules regarding overtime for agricultural workers, please see Overtime is based on the regular rate of pay, which is the compensation you normally earn for the work you perform.

The regular rate of pay includes a number of different kinds of remuneration, such as hourly earnings, salary, piecework earnings, and commissions.

Last week I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, eight hours each day. For the workweek I was paid 48 hours at my regular hourly rate. Another example of where you get paid your regular wages but the time is not counted towards overtime is if you get paid for a holiday but do not work that day.

In such a case, the time upon which the holiday pay is based does not count as hours worked for purposes of determining overtime because no work was performed.

The alternate method of scheduling and computing overtime under most Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders, based on an alternative workweek schedule of four 10-hour days or three 12-hour days does not affect the regular rate of pay, which in this case also would be computed on the basis of 40 hours per workweek.

The agreed upon regular hours must be used if they are the legal maximum regular hours.Yes, there are certain types of payments that are excluded from the regular rate of pay.Examples of some of the more common exclusions are sums paid as gifts for special occasions, expense reimbursements, payments made for occasional periods when no work is performed due to vacation, holiday, illness, failure of the employer to provide sufficient work, premium pay for Saturday, Sunday, or holiday work, and discretionary bonuses.This calculation will produce the regular rate of pay on the flat sum bonus earnings.Overtime on a flat sum bonus must then be paid at 1.5 times or 2 times this regular rate calculation for any overtime hour worked in the bonus-earning period.Yes, in general an employer may dictate the employee's work schedule and hours.

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