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— August 2, 2013 • The NSA sifts through vast amounts of Americans' email and text communications going in and out of the country.— August 8, 2013 • Internal NSA document reveals an agency "loophole" that allows a secret backdoor for the agency to search its databases for US citizens' emails and phone calls without a warrant.

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— August 1, 2013 • Seven of the world's leading telecommunications companies provide GCHQ with secret, unlimited access to their network of undersea cables.

— August 2, 2013 • The NSA provided surveillance to US diplomats in order to give them the upper hand in negotiations at the UN Summit of the Americas.

— August 29, 2013 • Expanding upon data gleaned from the "black budget," the NSA is found to be paying hundreds of millions of dollars each year to US companies for access to their networks.

— August 29, 2013 • The US carried out 231 offensive cyberattacks in 2011.

— July 6, 2013 • The NSA conducts surveillance on citizens in a number of Latin American countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and others.

The agency also sought information on oil, energy, and trade.

— June 16, 2013 • Top-secret procedures show steps the NSA must take to target and collect data from "non-US persons" and how it must minimize data collected on US citizens.

— June 20, 2013 • Britain's GCHQ taps fiber-optic cables to collect and store global email messages, Facebook posts, internet histories, and calls, and then shares the data with the NSA.

— June 27, 2013 • Until 2011, the Obama administration permitted the NSA's continued collection of vast amounts of Americans' email and internet metadata under a Bush-era program called Stellar Wind.

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