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Deputies of the majority party Union for a Popular Movement voted mostly against the measure, while deputies of the Socialist Party mostly voted in favor.

Members of the Socialist Party stated that legalization of same-sex marriage would become a priority should they gain a majority in the 2012 legislative election.

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The same-sex marriage law is commonly known in France as "la loi Taubira" (the Taubira law), after former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, who introduced the bill to the French Assembly in November 2012 and was the bill's main sponsor.

In June 2013, the French Government issued a bulletin "relative aux conséquences du refus illégal de célébrer un mariage de la part d'un officier d'état civil", wherein it declared illegal the refusal of a state officier to deny marriage certificates to same-sex couples.

The bulletin foresees a punishment of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros for any mayor or local official that refuses to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple on the sole basis of their sexual orientation.

The official may also face discrimination charges under Article 432-7 of the Penal Code.

The local administrative court ruled that Mamère's suspension was legal and motivated.

Mamère said he would not appeal the ruling (Mamère had already unsuccessfully tried to obtain an injunction from the court, and then had appealed the case to the Council of State; both had ruled that an injunction was not justified on grounds of urgency).In 2014, approximately 10,000 same-sex marriages took place in France, representing 4% of all marriages performed that year.Some 6,000 French communes celebrated at least one same-sex marriage.There has been confusion over whether the act applies to nationals of Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Kosovo, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia or Tunisia as it would breach bilateral agreements that stipulate the law of that state applies rather than French law.The marriage rates of same-sex couples in France has remained relatively constant over the years, except in 2014 when there was an increase in marriages.What could conquer the Ukrainian bride’s heart faster than a rich present from overseas?

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