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No man or woman on earth has watched a porn without asking the following question: “is that actually real? How male performers stay hard for what seems like hours at a time.

That’s why we went to the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas to talk to some porn stars to find out what really happens to dicks on camera.

So most male performers experience a 'failed' scene early on in their career/ Too many failed scenes will ruin a performer's reputation.

Most guys end up taking ED drugs to allow themselves a certain level of consistency.” Related: 10 Bogus Facts About Erectile Dysfunction But short of putting a shot directly into their dicks, what do porn stars do to maintain an erection on set?

“Most men aren't used to the pressures of on-set set,” continues Zeischegg.

“There's the lack of intimacy or chemistry with a partner, the film crew, the pressure to achieve erection on cue, maintaining an erection during still photographs, etc...During my last ER visit, a doctor told me that if I didn't quit taking the drugs, I risked the likelihood of long term damage that would affect my ability to achieve natural erections.So I quit using the drugs, and quit performing in porn.” Zeischegg suffered from an erection that raged for more than 12 hours, which ultimately ended his affair with ED drugs."Guys feel like they have a time limit on getting it up," he says."But guys have been masturbating themselves since they were kids — 14, 15, whatever.One former porn star, Christopher Zeischegg (a.k.a.

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