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134 MD and 547 Ph D work at the University including: 1 full member and 4 corresponding members of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; 34 Honored Persons of Ukraine, 9 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

More than 8000 students study at the University, including 3500 citizens of 88 countries of the world.

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The department off ers master’s program – Public Administration in Health Care.

Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine is the center of education, science and culture in highly developed industrial region. Over the years DMA has trained more than 50000 doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Postgraduate training is conducted with 30 majors, pre-training – from 23 medical specialties.

The university issued three professional journals in which researchers publish the results of university research included HAC of Ukraine to the list of special editions: “Galician drug Herald”, “History of clinical medicine” and “Pulse”.

University provides preparatory courses; medical training as well as postgraduate education.

The teaching staff is represented by more than 1300 professionals.

Sc.), 423 Associate Professors (Ph D); 9 Honored Statesman of Science and Technology; 3 Honored Inventors; 3 Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine; 3 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 3 Fulbright Program winners.

Number of students: more 5, 200, including near 1,500 international students from 62 countries.

The Kh MAPE also provides the second higher education in speciality Management in Healthcare.

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