18 yr old dating 24 yr old updating of the npuap staging system

dd was told, she wasnt happy, however, loads of 'normal' teenage boyfriends later and she is living the normal life of an 18 year old student - we have no regrets at all! I met my first boyfriend when I was 16 and he was 24.

18 yr old dating 24 yr old-53

He showered me with gifts and didn't pressurise me into anything. There may be another problem if the relationship continues with respect to any exams she may be doing.

I actually think he used me to 'practice' on, as he was very inexperienced with girls. My bf accused me of doing the same A levels as him to show him up Then the week before the exams, he took a week off work and came round every evening. We've been together 8 years and we are still very happy But I'm aware this is unusual.

I would sit down and say that to your dd, and say he is only interested in gping out with a girl 9 years younger than him because women his own age would make mincemeat ofhim. To be honest, the sex issue would not be what would worry me, rather the unsettling control reak this man may be.

How much freedom do you give your DD - is she allowed to come and go as she pleases, or do you know where she is at all times? Because despite some people having an older boyfriend and it all being hunky dory, there are plenty of predatory men out there who are insecure freaks of nature, who prey on young girls and try and dominate them.

On one hand I want to report him to the police, but I don't know if they have had sex. I really wish that my parents had stopped it, as it did me a lot of damage, as he was completely narcissistic. Trying to stop it when she's that close to 16, however, as opposed to 13, probably is going to backfire.

It's not illegal for him to go out with her, only to have sex with her. In 12 weeks time she'll be able to do what she pleases with him anyhow. It wasn't hte end of the world, but if my folks had tried to interfere, I'd probably have done something stupid. I'm not sure how to advise - I started going out with someone of 24 when I was 13. It is not normal for an adult to have an interest in someone so much younger, however mature they appear.

Yes, I know they were supposed to be more difficult then - 70s, but I only got a BCCE, which was probably a grade down on each subject, compared with what I was expected to get. The acting like a 17yo is a warning sign to me - my DH wasn't immature, he was just him.

Perhaps make the continuing of the relationship conditional on her continuing to get good marks, or something like that might be an idea. If anything, I was the one much older than my years.

I would probably have a nervous breakdown if my dd was seeing such an older man.

A 24 year old who has so little about him that he can only see an underage girl would worry me.

I would question his motives and agree that maybe he does not have the social skills to have a relationship with his peers.

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