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It depends on the personalities and maturity of the people involved.

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And the secretary( i work in the office) noticed the girl in question is in the office alot, but we never show like near them, like, when i touch her but, it's when no one is around, or behind this counter, where no one can see.

And when I was feeling her breast like 2 days ago, it was after EVERYONE was gone, it was only me, her, and her cousins(who know she likes me) in the office, and I was supposed to close up.

In 10 years, a high schooler will look back at that person and think about how pitiful those interactions really were.

We all know age doesnt matter when you love someone, but when the age difference is in two different life phases, it just..know what i mean, someone in their teens dont have the same mentality as a 20 yo person, its literally dating almost a child.

So I started touching her breast, inside her shirt, touching skin, like, I reached up her shirt, and under the bra and pulled them outta the bra, y'know held them in my hand and was like "damn, these nice".

Anyway, time goes by and I went in for a kiss, it was only a lip touch at first, Then I was like 'that was wack", and she was like "what?I could have left, but decided to spend time with her, doing ****.So there is this little cubical in the back of the office, and I was back there working when she came back there, I had to go answer the fone, so i got up, and I came back and she was bent over(she most likely did it on purpose) and I walked up and grabbed her hips and pulled them towards me, touching my penis, and I left it there for a while.Speaking from experience, I can say that it can work.I don't think there's anything inherently immoral about it, it's just the awkwardness of the age difference you have to deal with. It helps if the 17 year old is mature for her age and her parents are cool with you. I'm 25, which is old, but I would gladly date someone six or seven years younger than my age.You can have a 17 year old that is far more mature than a 23 year old and vice versa.

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