100 dating bucharest club chat 2013

Don’t just give up because she doesn’t want to go with you after the first invitation.Continue to hang out with her for a bit, then ask again.

Romanian women aren’t expecting to get hit on during the day, that means if you try it could go all sorts of ways.

Some will blow you off, but others will be so surprised that if you throw in a compliment they might be even easier to pick up then they would be after dark when it is more expected.

You need to pick out the girls you like and watch them from a distance.

Wait for a good spot to go up to them when they have strayed away from their friends or when their friends are distracted.

If you see a pretty girl ask her if she speaks English and pretend to have some dumb touristy question. You will definitely get blown off from time to time but just keep up with it.

Malls are always great spots for day game so head to Mega Mall, Bucuresti Mall, or Baneasa Shopping City.

Like we said, we don’t really know exactly what you are looking for but we are going to do our best to help you find it either way.

Before we get into specific spots to meet single girls in Bucharest lets talk about them for a bit.

If she says no again wait 15 minutes and try again.

If she is sticking around after you have asked her she has some interest even if she is saying no.

That way when you approach a Bucharest girl she won’t feel her friends sneering at her.

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